Windows 8 Keyboard – The Complete List Of Shortcut Keys

Windows 8 Keyboard – The Complete List Of Shortcut Keys

Hello! Readers, today I am going to unleashed the new list of Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts. Previously, the list which was given out by me was used by my readers for Windows 7 to increase their productivity. Windows 8 comes with numerous features and latest applications, so for enhancing our speed and knowing this latest features it is very much necessary to know the shortcut keys. The shortcuts keys of Windows which were there in Windows 7 are same.In this list, there are no short cuts of Windows 7 keyboard.

The shortcuts which are included in this version are completely new and can go along with the new features and applications of Windows 8.Here, are certain examples given so, that it becomes easy to understand the keyboard shortcuts. Like, Windows 8 consist of new Charms Bar that is visible only when the mouse cursor is moved towards the right side of windows, but now it can be opened with a keyboard shortcut Windows key+C. Compared to Windows 7, the search bar in Windows 8 will now open in the metro wall, but has the same keyboard shortcut Windows key+F. Settings like apps,volume,wireless network, shutdowns and so on through setting panel can be change in Windows 8 by using this shortcut key Windows key+I. The old desktop can be replaced instantly by Windows 8 Metro Wall by using this shortcut Windows key+D.

Windows 8 keyboard shortcut key’s list

  • Windows key: The Metro start screen becomes visible and it will help in searching any application like in Windows 7 start menu.
  • Windows key+B: By this key, the classic Windows desktop can be shifted to and the tray notification area can be selected easily.
  • Windows key+C: By this key, the settings can be shared, searched and changed through the Charms menu.
  • Windows key+D: Shows the old Windows desktop.
  • Windows key+E: It starts Windows explorer by displaying Computer view.
  • Windows key+F: Shows the Metro File search screen.
  • Windows key+H: Makes the Metro Share panel visible.
  • Windows key+I:   Makes the Setting panel visible, so that the current apps, wireless network, volume, brightness or shutdown can be changed.
  • Windows key+J:  The focus can be shifted between snapped Metro applications.
  • Windows key+K:  Makes the Device panel visible, so, that it can be connected to a projector or some other device.
  • Windows key+L:   The PC can be locked and returned to locked screen.
  • Windows key+M:  All the windows on the desktop can be minimized.
  • Windows key+O:   The device orientation can be easily locked.
  • Windows key+P:    A selection can be made between the respective displays.
  • Windows key+Q:   Makes the Metro App Search screen visible.
  • Windows key+R:    By this key, the classic Windows desktop can be shifted and the Run box can be displayed.
  • Windows key+U: By this key, the classic Windows desktop can be shifted and the Ease of Access Centre can be started.
  • Windows key+V:  Cycling can be done through toasts.
  • Windows key+W: Makes the Metro Search screen application visible.
  • Windows key+X:   The Start Windows 8 Keyboard - The Complete List Of Shortcut KeysMenu can be started easily.
  • Windows key+Y:   The desktop for time or temporarily can be glance whenever required.
  • Windows key+Z:    Shows the App Bar for the current Metro Application.
  • Windows key+Page Up/Down:  The tiles can be moved to either right or left side of the windows.
  • Windows key+Tab:  Shows the Metro Application Switcher Menu which helps to shift between applications.

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